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Professional photos
have never been easier to achieve.

Film emulation filters

As developers and designers we try to keep up with your need of having awesome images as well as keeping them in the same style. Our bundles of filters are designed to meet and exceed your expectations no matter what you’re using them for. From website pictures to social media or presentation, they perfectly fit everywhere.


The best filters. Ever.

These game changer presets are so good that after setting your white balance and exposure it only takes 1 click to achieve the perfect edit!

User Friendly

Our Presets are compatible with all Lightroom versions including mobile and ACR, installable with one click and divided on categories for a faster search.

Fast editing

Speed is important when you’re editing loads of images and the difference between having to tweak each image vs “it just works” is a deal breaker. Filterbooth saves you from all those los nights editing pictures.

Color Tones

We’ve created the perfect mix between tints and shades, to offer you quality colour shades. Skintone and green tones will just look natural and vibrant with our presets.


Over +150 different presets, put together in an attractive bundle. Tailored for designers, photographers, creators and much more, Filterbooth will help to earn consistency.

Grow your community.

Edit like a pro !

Transforming regular content into pro content.

When creating exciting content through photos, the editing process is essential. After a thorough research we’ve come up with this awesome bundle of filters that will enhance your work right away.


advanced editing skills needed.

Film camera simulation

Each filter has been designed so that you can transform your image into a better version with a single click.

Check out our latest edits and start creating

It’s time you expanded your options with our new mobile app and our wide selection of 150+ professional editing profiles and presets compatible with Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw.

by Sacha Styles

Azure - Beach Preset

by Gláuber Sampaio

Amber - Cream Preset

by David Kovalenko

Emerald Forest - Rich Preset

by Austin Scherbarth

Urban Vibes - Film Preset

by Margo Brodowicz

Food - Adaptive Preset

by Brooke Cagle

Standard - Strong Preset

by Jj Mendez

Interior - Work Preset

by Luke Stackpoole

Night Owl - Vintage Preset

by Frederik Trovatten

Monochrome - Contrast Presets

by Nathan Dumlao

Faces - Chimera Presets

by Logan Lambert

Golden Hour - Late Preset

by Jan Fillem

Monochrome - Mild Preset

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