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This extensive pack of +150 Adobe Lightroom and ACR presets and profiles enables you to choose the best, one click edit for your photos and create the desired look for your work.

Presets and Profiles for Adobe® Lightroom™, Camera Raw.

We’ve started this project by designing presets that recompose digital photography with tones and “shades” inspired by analog photography and continued adding significant improvements, fitted to the digital era we are going through.

We tried to find the ideal mix of current trends used by photographers in various major publications, analog photography and trends distributed online, providing users with vital tools leading to balanced, mesmerizing results!

Presets and Profiles for Adobe® Lightroom™, Camera Raw.

Moody Presets

Azure Presets

Amber Presets

Standard Presets

Emeral Forest Presets

Food Presets

The best presets. Ever.

These game changer presets are so good that after setting your white balance and exposure it only takes 1 click to achieve the perfect edit!

User Friendly

Our Presets are compatible with all Lightroom versions including mobile and ACR, installable with one click and divided on categories for a faster search.

Fast Editing

Speed is important when you’re editing loads of images and the difference between having to tweak each image vs “it just works” is a deal breaker.

Color Tones

We’ve created the perfect mix between tints and shades, to offer you quality colour shades. Skintone and green tones will just look natural and vibrant with our presets.


Over 150+ different presets, put together in an attractive bundle. Tailored for designers, photographers, creators and much more, Filterbooth will help to earn consistency.

No Advanced Editing Skills Needed.

Transforming regular content

into pro content.

For Lightroom / ACR users

Filterbooth Presets

Each preset has been designed so that you can transform your image into a better version with a single click.

User friendly and easy to use, our presets give you the opportunity to change the face of your imagery and achieve better results.

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This extensive package includes all collections and consists of 150+ different presets. It’s time you expanded your options.

*Not variations of the same preset.